We organize science workshops and interactive shows for Preschool, Primary and Secondary School pupils. Our programs are designed in line with the national education curriculum. We offer pre-school, primary school and secondary school programs. Our science programs are built to advance pupils’ learning objectives and include hands-on activities, drama and interactive learning. We aim to create a joint project with kids at the end of the year.


+ We make a pre-plan with schools according to the number of pupils and the lecture duration.
+ Each session takes place between 30 min to 60 min.
+ Maximum 15 students (for preschool) or 25 students (for first and secondary school) can attend to each session.
+ Sessions are executed by the science communication experts of Eglen Bilim.
+ At the end of each session, attendees get their experiment results.
+ In some sessions, students receive take-away products of the experiment