“Eğlen Bilim” means “Enjoy Science” !

We design and apply scientific workshops and performances for primary and high schools which support national science and technology curriculum. In these activities, we present several essential scientific concepts of variable themes in an interactive, theatral and inspiring way. We also  refresh our activity themes continously in accordance with the educational institutions we work with.

Eğlen Bilim team is consist of teachers, engineers, artists and produces the all activity content by itself. This makes Eglen Bilim unique in our work field.

Our mission is to introduce young people with the hilarious side of “science” and in this way, make them apply scientific thinking method in their whole life.

Science Center Activities

Eglen Bilim had took place in the establishing period of ITU Science Center in 2007 and today carry out School STEM Activities and Summer/Winter Science Camps in this institution.

European Science Festivals

Eğlen Bilim is an active participant of several science festivals throughout Europe. Some of essentials are Genova Festival Della Scienza, Perugia L’isola di Einstein Festival and Edinburgh Science Festival.